New York Knicks

New York Knicks

The Knicks’ loyal fan base wasn’t enough to sustain ticket sales. Their continuous losses and questionable management led to a decline in attendance and diminishing enthusiasm.

They asked us to add a new “flavor” to the brand that would entice New Yorkers.

Our system drew from familiar visuals like the layout of a basketball court and vintage jerseys. We sought inspiration from these elements and found a way to incorporate them into the Knicks’ identity — adapting the logo and creating their upcoming campaign and external communications. We also designed a type system and employed a new approach to photography that captured the energy and spirit of the sport.

Our campaign rallied the city’s basketball fans and brought coherence to the Knicks’ brand experience — expressed across the team’s interactive and social media, advertising, environments, uniforms, merchandise and tickets.

Lee Maschmeyer
Christian Widlic
Milan Zernic
Brian Collins
Jeff Lewis Photography
All work copyright Widlic