Bose Frames Identity

Bose Frames

Identity for Bose Frames — sunglasses with a soundtrack: each style a classic silhouette with discreet Bluetooth speakers built-in to deliver rich, immersive audio only the wearer can hear. Designed to play parallel to life, listeners can stream music and take calls without tuning out of the world around them.

The visual system celebrates the tensions at play: between design and engineering, precision and dynamism, the explicit and the implied. The new Bose Frames brand is brought to life by these counterpoints, fueled by a rhythmic spirit of restless experimentation.


Matt Luckhurst, CCO
Karin Soukup, Creative Director
Jules Tardy, Design Director
Christian Widlic, Design Director
Erik Berger Vaage, Designer
Kris Wong, Motion Director
+ Bose Team

All work copyright Widlic